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Jun 8, 2015

Welcome to the OMKM Blog and summary of the Maunakea Open House at Halepōhaku

Welcome to the OMKM blog.  We also share a summary of our May 2015, Halepōhaku open house.

Welcome to the OMKM blog. We anticipate using this virtual space to share some of our more routine updates and other aspects of University management activities.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our May 28, 2015, open house at Halepōhaku.  We were able to share the ongoing work that the Office of Maunakea Management does to steward and protect Maunakea, with an emphasis on our natural resource program.  The Big Island Invasive Species Committee, which is responsible for some facets of biological monitoring on the mountain, was also able to participate.  Exhibits included:

  • Maps
  • Mālama Maunakea Volunteer program
  • Youth outreach materials: trading cards & coloring sheets
  • Posters from past scientific conferences
  • Invasive Species program and plan
    • annual reports from the invasive species monitoring
    • trap examples
    • bug identification boxes
  • Comprehensive Management Plan, sub-plans, annual status reports, ...
  • Follow-up audits
  • Scientific papers, on topics such as:
    • Wēkiu bug
    • Lake Waiʻau
    • Arthropod biodiversity
    • Botanical Inventories
  • Photographic Monitoring of
    • Lake Waiʻau (managed by the Natural Area Reserve program)
    • Landscape monitoring (documenting changes in fireweed distribution)

Much of the scientific effort that goes into increasing our understanding of the mountain resources is done by the faculty and students of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. To this end, we were privileged to have Dr. Jesse Eiben share his research on the wēkiu bug and arthropod biodiversity of Maunakea along with Nathan Stephenson,TCBES MS student, share some of the efforts of the Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization Labs (SDAV) to understand erosion processes on the mountain.

Most importantly, thank you to all those who attended for your interest and sharing your manaʻo.  We anticipate holding additional open houses along this same theme. Please contact us if you have suggestions for dates or venues.

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