Kahu Kū Mauna

Kahu Kū Mauna (Guardians of the Mountain) is a volunteer community-based council whose members are from the native Hawaiian community. Kahu Kū Mauna advises the Mauna Kea Management Board, OMKM, and the UH Hilo Chancellor on Hawaiian cultural matters affecting the UH Management Areas.  They review proposed projects and give their input to the Mauna Kea Management Board.  A member of Kahu Kū Mauna participates in the discussions of the Mauna Kea Management Board during their public meetings. 

Current Kahu Kū Mauna members are:

  • U`ilani Naipo
  • Celeste Ha`o
  • Shane Palacat-Nelsen
  • Thomas Chun
  • Leningrad Elarionoff


Balance, Harmony, Trust
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