CMP Policies - Native Hawaiian Cultural Resources

The following policies were developed in consultation with Kahu Kū Mauna and approved by the Maunakea Management Board under the auspices of the 2009 Comprehensive Management Plan.  

CR–5: Guidelines for the culturally appropriate placement and removal of offerings (PDF file)

CR–6: Develop and adopt guidelines for the visitation and use of ancient shrines (PDF file)

CR-7: Appropriateness of constructing new Hawaiian cultural features (PDF file)

CR-8: Scattering of cremated human remains (PDF file)

CR-9: Management policy on the piling and stacking of rocks.  See CR-7 above.

CR-12: Establishing buffers (preservation zones) around known historic sites in the Astronomy Precinct, to protect them from potential future development (PDF file)

Additional Management Actions addressing Native Hawaiian Cultural Resources, consistent with Comprehensive Management Plan requirements (section 7), are completed and associated actions ongoing.  See our annual reports to the Board of Land and Natural Resources on the Status of the Implementation of the Maunakea Comprehensive Management Plan for more information.

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