Community Recognition

The Office of Maunakea Management is grateful for the recognition weʻve received for our stewardship efforts of public lands.  Below are a few examples of recent recognition.


Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce, June 2017

2017 Pualu Award for Culture and Heritage

For implementation of a Long-Term Historic Property Monitoring Plan for the University of Hawaii Management Areas on Maunakea. The plan specifically enhances cultural stewardship on Maunakea and preserves our island's cultural heritage; including preservation initiatives and actions along with its collaboration with the community.

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Historic Hawaii Foundation, May 2017

2017 Preservation Commendation Award 

For the Long-Term Historic Property Monitoring Plan, developed and implemented to systematically monitor the condition of 200 plus significant historic properties located within the lands on Maunakea managed by the University of Hawaii.

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Kona Kohala Chamber of Commerce, June 2016

Pualu Award for Environmental Awareness

For sensitivity and concern for the environment through innovative environmental practices. The longstanding and ongoing stewardship commitment on Maunakea includes not only environmental initiatives and actions, but also collaboration with the community on volunteer programs and innovative efforts to make substantive changes in behavior by starting to educate young people in elementary schools across the island.

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