The Office of Maunakea Management merged with Maunakea Support Services in August 2020, creating the Center for Maunakea Stewardship, which is responsible for UH-managed Maunakea lands. Please visit the center's website for more information. The migration of OMKM information to the Center for Maunakea Stewardship site is expected to be completed by the start of 2022.

Important Things to Know

Why does OMKM spell "Maunakea" as one word?
Help us keep Maunakea free of ants. Maunakea is one of the few places in the State where invasive ants are not found.
Maunakea weather varies widely and the Summit Access Road may be closed due to dangerous conditions even though most of Hawai`i is warm and sunny!
Maunakea is culturally significant to Hawaiians. Please be respectful when visiting the mountain.
The Maunakea silverword is adapted to the harsh conditions on Maunakea, and is only found on the slopes of Maunakea.
Maunakea stands at 4,205 meters above sea level.
Filming on Maunakea requires a permit.
Balance, Harmony, Trust
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